November 24, 2014

September 15, 2014

Zara's 1st Birthday

I can't believe Zara turned 1 year old 6 months ago! Zara and her friend Millie had a little combined birthday party with owl smash cakes. Kasey and Collin came over from Knoxville which was really fun! Zara really loves hanging out with Kasey and Collin. 

It took the girls a few minutes to figure out what to do, they were pretty hesitant to touch the cake. We all kept waiting for a big "smash" but they were pretty polite about the whole thing. 

Zara mostly just liked squeezing the cake in her hands. 

We thought it was funny at the end of everything that Millie's bib, on the left was perfectly clean and Zara's on the right was smeared with cake.

Zara had so much fun opening all the gifts that her family sent her. Once Dad was done with the scissors she really tore into everything and helped us get everything out of the boxes. 

She loved opening all the cute cards and gifts from her Great Grandparents. So thoughtful!

Rocking her Utah State jersey while checking out her new giraffe stuffed animal. Thanks Aunts and Uncles!

She loves playing with this ball track from Abu and Lita that lights up and plays music. Lately she started dancing to the music and it's super cute. She's got some moves! We have also really been enjoying the zoo pass from Grandma and Grandpa! Last time we went she walked the whole time! Pictures to come :)

Happy Birthday Zara! You are so much fun and we love you so much.

August 29, 2014

February happenings.

Here is a little update about February. Zara and Millie had a lot of play dates and enjoyed reading together. Millie was walking and Zara was standing but not walking yet. Zara celebrated her first Valentines Day and enjoyed opening many cards and little gifts from friends and family. On Valentines Day we made heart shaped pizzas and Dusty and I went out for ice cream. Zara still loves swinging and we had some warm days so we went to the park a few times. We had our last activity with the YW and the Leaders, it was fun but bittersweet. I think we all miss the girls. We had lots of fun times in February!

 Dad was funny and made a pair of lego google glasses, they were almost as good as the real thing.

August 18, 2014

Saying Goodbye

On January 25th my Grandma passed away. Zara and I had called a day or so before to say goodbye and tell Grandma that we loved her, she told us that she loved us too. I'm grateful that we called even though it was hard because I knew it would be the last time I talked with my Grandma. I'm glad I finally called though. I was grateful for my Aunts who were there and answered the phone and held the phone for my Grandma so that we could have that last moment with her. The funeral service was January 30th. We had breakfast as a family at the hotel. We were all wearing emerald green, my Grandma's favorite color. Zara had an emerald green bow in her hair. My Grandma had asked that all the grand-kids sing Because I Have Been Given Much so we practiced with all the cousins a few times before and we were doing pretty good, emotionally, we were making it through. When it came time to sing the song at the service we all took turns crying. My dad said that a few of us would start crying and then as soon as we pulled ourselves together and started singing another group would start crying. It was amazing to see all of the people that came out to say goodbye to our Grandma. She had an affect on so many peoples life's. The service was beautiful, the words, the flowers, the music. We were all passing the tissue box around. My Grandma was amazing, she had many gifts and talents. I learned a lot of things about my Grandma at her funeral which was neat but also made me feel sad that I didn't know those things before. I was grateful to my Dad who told me that it's "OK" to learn things about people at their funerals.  I was able to say goodbye to my Grandma and hold her hand one last time. She looked beautiful and peaceful and her had was soft. Uncle Justin said a beautiful prayer when we were all in the room with Grandma. At the grave we all laid a rose on the casket and spent some time hanging around before we left, it was a cold and wet day or else I think we would have all liked to stay a little longer. It was hard to walk away. We had a wonderful lunch at the church provided by the Relief Society. There were beautiful centerpieces and emerald napkins. We watched a slide show with pictures of Grandma with our family and quotes from all the grand-kids. I think we watched it at least twice. We also were able to take a huge family photo together. There are of course some things about this day that I chose to keep for myself but I wanted to write at least a little summary of this day. I know we are an eternal family but it was still extremely hard to say goodbye.
The next few days the mood was still a little heavy but we were able to have fun and enjoy our time with each other, it had been awhile since we'd all been together! Grandma really liked to have everyone together. We went to Iver's for some yummy fish and chips and chowder. We went to a session at the Seattle Temple with my Grandpa which was great. After the session my parents reenacted some of their favorite poses from their wedding day outside the temple, silly newlyweds. We loved it.

One of my favorite memories with Grandma was when we went on a long car ride with the whole family. I was about 8 or 9 and she sat in the back with us and taught me how to whistle with my hands. She would show me how to place my hands and where to put my mouth to make the sounds, she even explained why it works. It took me forever, hours maybe, to learn but she kept helping me, she was so patient. I was so excited when I finally learned how to make the whistling sound!

Grandpa with the grand-kids and their spouses

  We were wondering what they were all looking at...the flowers? No. Zara! Hahaha!

 Sitting around at Grandma and Grandpas house chatting and laughing, Zara was getting some love from Aunt Cryste.